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fondant cake decoration | High quality fondant with cheap price

A fondant or ice cream fondant is a type of food decoration that is widely used in the cake and pastry industries. The fondant cake decoration is generally used to decorate layers of ornamentation such as flowers and fancy dolls on a variety of cakes and cupcakes. A special advantage of the foundation is its easy coloring and shaping as well as its long lasting resistance to corrosion. The use of foundations has grown in popularity in recent years and has attracted a large number of fans, most notably because of its good shape and color variation, which is a major development in pastry art. For more information on this product and to purchase a cheap fundant, follow us on this article …
fondant cake decoration |  High quality fondant with cheap price

Classifications of fondant sheets and rolls

Classifications of fondant sheets and rolls fondant ideas for cupcakes ready to come with different models are the best and easiest way to decorate your food. Notable fundamentals can be used on different occasions. Fundamentals are the best option for creating different designs because of their high shapes, colors and flexibility.
Other features of these beautiful and special products are that you will no longer have to worry about having a good, professional foundation as our workplace defects have been fixed and you have a flawless design. In addition to saving money by buying these products you will have professional fundraisers. These products have health licenses and health stamps and apple health.

How to know the freshness of fondant?

How to know the freshness of fondant?Customers who order cake fondant are usually concerned about firmness, color, and sugar content. In Nutty Foundation’s cakes, a standard and standard edible color is used, which is not harmful even to infants and babies and is 100 percent healthy. That’s why it’s perfect for celebrating your beloved baby’s birthday, and your child can enjoy cake with his or her friends without worry.

Nowadays, it is sometimes found that pastries add a lot of sugar that is detrimental to health in order to create a better taste in poor quality foundations, and in the end it produces an unpleasant taste that does not reach the top of the foundation. Natalie’s online pastry, using the finest raw materials and the best foundry on the market, eliminates the need for extra sugar while at the same time providing a delicious and excellent taste.

If we look at the sales and sales of children’s birthday cakes, we can see that almost all of the registered orders were related to Fundament Cake. The high durability of the fondant paste and its pervasiveness, its easy coloring and shaping are some of the reasons that have made the fondant popular among Iranian pastries.

The foundation is made of a combination of gelatin, sugary or non-sugary sweeteners and glycerol with a good amount of water and may be supplied in liquid, paste or sculpture foundation. The foundation is firm and can be shaped like a pastry in the hand and customized, making it the most used in cake making. In contrast, the liquid foundation is like honey and cannot be formed in the hand.

A fresh and high quality foundation paste has the following features:

  • Comes in just about any form.
  • It can be used for any format.
  • Includes good color variation.
  • Comes in bargain buckets and volumes.
  • It reminds us of a pleasant taste.

Providers and Distributors of fondants in Iran

Providers and Distributors of fondants in Iran fondant cake designs for birthdays, which are part of the confectionery product line, was launched in the Iranian market in the year 92 and has gained tremendous market share in this field. One of the features of Iranian production should be the mechanization of production lines and the minimization of hand-to-hand interference in the production of products, which is very important in the production of a product such as fondant paste. The products of these companies come in packages very similar and distinct from similar products that are considered in the design of these packages such as ease of use, ease of transportation, hygiene, beauty and convenient warehouse.

How do you make fondant decorations?

How do you make fondant decorations?fondant cake decorating tutorials with a fondant paste is not a difficult task, and people who have learned it before you are sure not to differ. Nowadays, fondant cake decorating for beginners is widely used for pastry making and fondant paste is in the category of ornamental paste. The main ingredient in making this paste is sugar powder. Making the many weird cakes we see in brochures or behind shop windows is as much as we think and making them a specialty that only a handful of people will need.  Just have enough interest and passion to learn and practice fondant cake decorating ideas.

Foundation paste is a moldable paste, which requires the use of a similar molding tool and molding to create the desired shape. This requires more time and more time. And in fresh hygiene packaging, it eliminates the need for extra tools. This product can be used in confectionery, home-made and used for jellies and desserts, and other decorative food consumables for design cupcakes.

Different kinds of fondants on the market

Different kinds of fondants on the market The fundamentals can be divided into three categories:

  • Creamy liquid foundation is made of a combination of water, sugar, gelatin and glycerin.

A liquid-based compound is a cream-like liquid that is used to fill the inside with a coating of candy or candy cakes. The simplest foundation is made of sugar and water, stabilized with gelatin and glycerin. It is cooked to a soft ball and then cooled slightly and blended or blended to mix with the air. Until it becomes a cloudy mass with a creamy texture. It is sometimes added as a lemon or vanilla flavor.

  • The dough foundation, also known as the Ice Foundation, is generally used to refer to this type of foundation.

Foundant paste – Foundation ice cream (cake decorating) or patinis (which differs from liquid foundation material) are commonly used to decorate birthday and wedding cakes. However, wedding cakes are generally made with almond paste (also known as marbles) and royal icing. But because of the common allergies to nutrients, it is becoming more and more common because it does not require almond meal. The foundation paste is made with gelatin (or agar in herbal recipes) and glycerin that are nutritious and maintain the sugar in a flexible state and create a paste-like composition. It can also be made using powdered sugar and molten marshmallow. The fondant paste, like the hard paste that covers the pie, is used to cover the cake.

  • The sculpture foundation is similar to the dough foundation, but it is harder to use and sculptural.

The sculpture foundation is similar to the foundation sculpt but has a tougher consistency, making it a good sculpture composition. Sugar dough or step dough is similar to fondant dough, but eventually becomes quite hard and is therefore used for decorating larger cakes such as the shape of the bride and groom, larger flowers, and so on. The raw materials of sugar paste are mainly egg whites and powdered sugar.

Important tips about fondants that you should know

Important tips about fondants that you should know 10 Things to Know About Fundamentals:

  • Water + Foundant:

One of the most important things to know about fundamentals. The most important thing is that the foundation and water are not combined under any circumstances. Even a small drop of water can cause problems on the smooth surface of the foundation. Still want to make sure? Never wet your fingers when working with a foundation. If you notice any weaknesses or blemishes on the foundation dough, place it on a rotating stand and grease your fingers and drag on the dough to fix the defects. The water is only used to glue the pieces onto the dough surface.

  • Where to start with Fundamentals?

While preparing a cake batter, note that you are in a cool, dry room. Make sure your baking environment is temperature controlled. It should be avoided in a room where the temperature is too high. It is also very sensitive to moisture in the air. Excessive heat and humidity can damage the dough, melt and spill.

  • Tropical climate:

If you live in warm or tropical weather, you can still work with a fund. However, you must take the necessary precautions. For example, install and install a humidifier or a small air conditioner if there is excessive humidity and heat in the space you are working in.

  • Keep away from light:

This includes direct light and light from LED lamps. If exposed to light, the foundation color will fade or fade. Try to keep it in a dark environment to keep the color of the foundation. When the cake is ready to be made, make sure you place it in a direct light environment.

  • Prepare your workshop properly:

Before preparing the foundation paste, first ensure that the workspace is dry and clean. Desktop stainless steel fenders are preferred, but any other solid surface can also be used. To prevent the dough from sticking to the surface before rolling with a pinch, cover the surface with a little powdered sugar or corn flour and make sure your hands are dry and dry before handling the colors. This will prevent any stains.

  • Use of decorations:

If you accidentally noticed cracks or holes on the foundation surface, don’t worry about covering the cracks and holes easily with the help of cake decorators.

  • mix:

To soften the foundation paste before rolling it, if you notice it is a bit stiff, just place it in the microwave for about a short second. It should not stay too much in the microwave as it will melt. If you feel a bit dry you can add a little butter. If you feel sticky then you need to add some powdered sugar or corn powder. If corn particles are found in the foundation paste, do not worry about brushing with a brush or a soft brush.

  • No refrigerator, away from moisture:

Some cooks or confectioners believe the fondant should be kept in the fridge. We do not recommend this. This is because the fondant absorbs moisture and softens it in the refrigerator, turning it into a liquid and melting it literally.

  • Cool down:

Keep the coolant in a cool, dry place instead of placing the foundation in the fridge. You can even keep the icing on the cake for 4 days in a cool, arched space. Make sure you always put the non-used foundation residue in a sealed plastic bag or bag. This will prevent it from drying out.

  • Complete workout:

If you need to practice, try doing this on a cake several times. It helps you learn the basics. Once you’ve practiced enough, you can create even more complex shapes.

Best prices of fondants in 2019

Best prices of fondants in 2019 Given that we are in competition with Iran’s top pastries in terms of variety, quality of designs and quality, quality of raw materials and cake flavors, we are one of the pioneers in the art of cake making. Fundamentals per kg are slightly different depending on their shape and design. In many pastry shops, Fundament cakes are offered at a significantly lower price than simple cakes, while Natalie eliminates this price jump for customer satisfaction and offers the best quality at the best price. In addition to the weight gain of the cake you order, special discounts include your purchase. Refer to the description page of each cake foundation, you can see discount bins that are offered in excess of a specific weight.

Ready Funds Distribution Centers in Tehran With high quality and top quality pastry tool shops are ready to offer better confectionery tools and ready to ship around the country, contact these stores for more information.

Online sales of food and confectionery such as fondant paste can take advantage of the following benefits as well as easy shopping:

  • Understanding the complete product variety
  • Benefit from reasonable price and discounted company
  • Full and comprehensive product understanding and better decision making

The price of a fresh cake foundation is slightly more expensive than the previous ones, which will, of course, be very affordable. The fondant cakes price is usually determined by the context in which it is used. Of course, cake base fondant also depends on the taste of the consumer and most of the people who are not familiar with this type of food do not like the consumption of this dough. Of course, this dough is not the same price.

fondant birthday cakes for adults is usually marketed in a hygienic form, packaged and marketed by various brands. The prices set for different types of high quality foundation paste will vary depending on the volume and type of packaging intended to be marketed but in any case affordable. Fundamentals paste sales are usually packaged in two major forms, depending on the buyer’s use. The first-class fondant paste that is widely marketed will naturally be more cost-effective than conventional ones and can last longer.

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