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where can i buy fondant | Different types of fondants on the market

Where can I buy fondant? What is this material? You surely have heard the name of fondant in different confectionery stores and also pastry tool stores. The fondant is a kind of popular items that had become famous recently. maybe you ask yourself where is the best fondant to buy! How should we realize the quality and harmless fondant at a good price? Well, the answer to all your questions is in this article! 

where can i buy fondant | Different types of fondants on the market

Bestselling types of fondants on global market

Bestselling types of fondants on global market

As you know, people are in love with sweet things since it is known as one of the main tastes. It became one of the most favorite tastes in the whole world and people invented thousands of foods, desserts, foodstuffs, and other delicious eatable materials. So, it dares to be said that sweet taste is the most interesting flavors through the people. You can rarely find people who do not like this taste, likewise, if you ask the people randomly that do they love sweet stuff, they surely would say yes. 

Generally, the fondant is a kind of sweet decorating material that had been popularized recently. This is a type of soft white paste which uses for different confection purposes in thousands of confectionery stores. 2 ingredient fondant materials are included in:

  • Sugar
  • Water

and Glycerin is another important and basic ingredient of this material. The fondants are too sweet and mostly uses for covering the cakes. Many countries are using this kind of sweet material for designing and decorating different cakes, cookies, biscuits, confections, and other related foodstuffs. The target fondant can be a mixture of different colors and tastes like chocolate. Of course, many producer companies only add eatable colors to these pastes. It is interesting to know that fondant is known as sugar paste in England. 

Fondant means to melt in France language and also people know it as icing fondant. The icing fondants also can be used in creating different statues and sculptures. The color of fondants is different due to the type of applications. 

  • Black
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Brown
  • Blue

and other kinds of colors that can be varied according to the customers’ orders. Also, the flavor of the colors can be varied in strawberry, chocolate, blueberry, banana, flowers, vanilla and … The satin ice red fondant is mainly one of the most popular and favorite types of flavors in the whole market. The global market of fondant types had been turned to favorite products, especially, for the people who like to cook different confections as well. Different colors of fondants use in different types of cakes and ceremonies, for example, The satin ice fondant vanilla mostly uses for wedding, the black fondant uses in consolation, the red and brown color use in happy ceremonies such as a birthday. 

Decorating Fondant Vanilla at affordable price

Decorating Fondant Vanilla at affordable price

Decorating the cakes by these materials are special arty works that have to be done by professional confectioners. These people completely know how to form the fondants around the cakes as well as they look great and professional. Vanilla fondant is often purchased by confectionery stores to decorate the cakes, this flavor is very popular through the common interests and customers prefer to buy this flavor. 

Generally, there are different types of fondants in terms of their appearances in the whole markets:

  • Poured fondant: This material is made of a mixture of water, sugar, glycerin, and gelatin and contains a creamy texture. 
  • Paste fondant: It also known as icing fondant and the main usage of this type of fondant is for confectionery stores.
  • Sculpture fondant: This type is harder than paste fondant and mostly uses in the sculpture process.

The price of each fondant is different from each other and it depends on what kind of quality you want to choose for your process. If you want to prepare paste fondant for confectionery purposes, you have to choose graded items because decorating the cakes is a sensitive job and the quality is important in this way. If you want to purchase the bulk volumes of vanilla, some of the confectionery wholesalers that are only selling the confection equipment are the best idea. These wholesalers are located in local areas or if they do not, you can easily find the addresses from websites.

The fondant is selling per sheet and to buy a bulk volume of this material, the number of sheets increases the weight of each sheet is almost about 400 up to 600 grams. Some of pre rolled fondant sheets are previously got ready before selling, in other words, they make the confectioners work easier and also easy moving for people who want to transfer the sheets to specific locations. 

Is it possible to buy and sell fondants in bulk?

Is it possible to buy and sell fondants in bulk?

Purchasing any kind of material can be done in bulk volumes provided you go to the related places and decide to prepare them. As it said, paste and liquid fondant are two main types of this product and most of the customers ask for this material. The bulk fondant supposes to mean that a customer needs a huge volume of this material for a wide purpose, for example, the confectionery stores have to prepare a considerable volume because they are cooking and decorating more than hundreds of cakes. This number will increase if the customers want to order a special type of cake. 

So, it is possible to prepare a bulk volume of paste or liquid fondant for your confectionery or even the domestic usages. Keep in your mind that fondant has to be prepared in an ideal condition, the quality of this material will show it clearly. The graded paste fondant has to contain several specifications

  • The surface is completely flat 
  • It is very soft but not the same as cream
  • Hand pressure can not crush the surface easily
  • The colors are completely faded into the paste
  • They are not heavy and not light; a middleweight between these two
  • Hand pressure the surface can make concavity on the surface easily

So, attend these items before you want to buy your appropriate fondant, especially, in bulk volumes. The invalid quality paste fondant has an impure surface like caseation which makes an ugly view. Some of the invalid paste fondants are very soft and can be crushed by hand pressure, so, it is reasonable that they are not suitable for decorating purposes because they can not even shape. 

Wholesale places to fondant sheets for trade

Wholesale places to fondant sheets for trade

Buying fondant sheets is as simple as a piece of cake, especially, the persons who are working in this field and how can they prepare a quality fondant for confectionery purposes. As you know, the pastry tool stores are equipped with all of the needed tools and materials in confectionery or pastry. Most of the domestic activities to cook related products prefer to prepare their needed materials from these stores. 

So, it is a very good idea to choose these centers for the first time, and decide to choose one. Like many other materials, pastry and confectionery needed tools are located in an exclusive market line and people have to go to these centers to find their intended products. More than hundreds of related stores are selling different materials in these lines at different prices. So, they are a kind of wholesale stores for customers. 

Wholesalers present a wide range of products and raw materials at the same time and customers can choose at retail or bulk volumes. The price of these centers is different from retail stores. 

There different tools for this kind of activity that are all required for the process:

  • Bar molds
  • Icing pipes
  • Rubber mold
  • Pastry nozzles
  • Cake pan
  • Oven
  • Handy and electric mixers
  • Blender and cutter
  • Raplette dough spreader

and other things like it. These are the needed tools and equipment facilities for pastry and confectionery, the needed raw materials are listed in another chart. So, this is a high consumption job and people must be interested in these activities. Trading the fondant sheets are one of the profitable businesses recently and more than thousands of confectionery stores are using this material for many purposes that decorating is the common one. 

Can we produce fondant in home?

Can we produce fondant in home?

Producing the paste and liquid fondant is accomplished by special devices and an expert worker. As a reminder, the appearance of the fondant is too much important as the final result, so, if the fondant does not look good, it is practically useless and can not use for decorating. So, attend all of the right stages when you want to make a paste fondant. 

The paste fondant has to be made of by supersaturation; this process focuses on water and sugar. The sugar imbibes into the warm water, and the sugar starting to crystallizing after the water colds. The solution has to be motionless until become cold. Finally, the solution mixes and your fondant get ready. Attend if you want to make a colorful fondant, you have to add the flavor or eatable color before getting cold. 

Making the fondant paste in your home is can be a difficult job, and if you do not equip with needed products the progression will defect. So, try to prepare the needed materials and tools and start to make it.

Fondant paste is a very fattening material, 100 grams of this material has 300 up to 400 calories. So, pay attention when you want to use it. There is another material known as gum paste. This material has differences with fondant paste but people might make a mistake in this way:

  1. The gum paste is made of egg whites, shortening and confectioners’ sugar while the fondant is made of water, sugar and glycerin or gelatin
  2. Gum paste is not as hard as the fondant paste but both of them are pliable. 
  3. Fondant paste is good for shaping and molding while the gum paste is suitable for simple decorating and garnishing purposes. 

So, attend to these differences when you want to buy or make any of these materials. the gum paste is also can be made in your home; particularly, making the gum paste is simpler than fondant paste in your home. 

Most popular and commonly used colors of fondants

Most popular and commonly used colors of fondants

Colored fondants are the fantastic ones that are commonly used in decorating the cakes, especially, when they are shaped in a special mold or form. As you see, the variety of cakes currently became wide and more than hundreds of these cakes are decorating and making daily.

The color of fondant pastes depends on the type of shape you want, for example, the wedding cakes mostly are using vanilla and white fondants while the birthday parties always ordered by the colorful and fantastic color of fondants. Red, green, yellow, pink, blue, and purple are examples of bright and happy colors. These colors mostly used for children’s birthday. 

Today, the creativity and variety came to the cake shapes and people are currently optional to choose any kind of shape, they also can order what they exactly want. The heart, lips, men’s coat, animals, cosmetic tools, cars, houses, and some kinds of sports such as soccer and basketball are examples of the main and common shapes of birthday cakes. 

The multi-layered cakes often made for the wedding, engaging party, and graduated parties. There are currently some of the kinds of cakes that have been printed by the photo of the owner; in this method, the confectioner has to print the picture of a person on the cake. This method became popular these days. The black color is a fantastic one that can be used in all of these shapes. But some people use them for mourning ceremonies.  

Where to Buy Fondant Icing in Australia?

Where to Buy Fondant Icing in Australia?

All of the parts of world has thousands of pastry tool stores and so, these stores are spread in hundreds of locations and people go to these centers to prepare their intended materials. It likes the ordinary and daily purchases that families are done. 

In our world, several numbers of countries are active in confectionery purposes; these countries have the best and highest quality and variety of confectionery and pastry activities. Here are the name of these countries:

  • France
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Austria
  • Australia
  • Switzerland
  • Greece
  • India
  • Italy

and so. These countries have the best and highest quality of desserts and if you are a dessert-obsessed, these countries definitely recommend to travel. More than thousands f variety in desserts and sweet foodstuffs are in these countries. Moreover, if you want to buy icing fondant or other tools in one of these places, for example, Australia, you can search the locations by google map or other related mobile applications as well.  

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